Founded by award-winning master goldsmith Peter Jost in 1981 comes a lifetime collection of beautifully handcrafted jewellery.


Under each piece of jewellery is an untold story. Its visual beauty reflects something or someone beautiful to you. Jewellery is personal. It is an artistic expression of ourselves and plays a role in symbolizing our greatest life moments and stories.

We believe that when you wear a piece of jewellery it should be creatively designed and carefully crafted with an unwavering precision to be as unique and beautiful as you are.


custom. beauty. originality.

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Premium Quality & Service

Supporting our jewellery through lasting craftSmanship.



In this world, there is only one of you. Let us help you create custom jewellery to represent your story and your style. Knowing you are the only individual that has it compliments your beauty in a truly special, meaningful manner.



Over time, all jewellery needs some TLC to keep it looking like new. Whether you need to adjust a ring size, restore and repolish the materials, or check on the precious gems for damage, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality for your Peter Jost jewellery.



Our passion is creating timeless beauty through skilled craftsmanship and thoughtful execution. Every piece compliments and respects the most exciting metals and minerals that the earth supplies us with. Making our "products" this way allows them to be truly wearable pieces of art, lasting generations.

The Brilliance of Fine Jewellery

If the worth of an object can be measured by the enthusiasm of its creator, then the jewellery of Peter Jost is very valuable indeed.

Peter is one of Canada's few Master Goldsmiths, a skill that is honoured in Europe. "To me goldsmithing is the most wonderful profession in the world. I can be creative with my mind, use the talents of my hands, and deal with the most exciting minerals, materials and metals that earth can give", says Peter.

The Goldschmiede Studio's mahogany and brass displays glitter with the objects of his passion. A well-designed piece of jewellery must be endowed with not only precious gems and metals, but with the art of craftsmanship. Peter puts all these qualities into every piece he creates, always working within the client's budget. From a classic engagement ring to a work of art which might take months to design, each receives his full attention.

Peter receives many compliments for his creations. An overjoyed bride took the time to write: "I don't know what is more spectacular the view from the Eiffel Tower at night where my husband proposed, or the ring you made. It's fabulous." Says the humble Peter, "I would have thought they had other things to do than think about the goldsmith!"

Education and Experience

1955 - 1958: Study at the special school for drawing and applied design in the City of Essen (Sonderschule für Zeichnen und Werken der Stadt Essen)

1959 - 1962: Goldsmithing Apprenticeship - 3½ year professional theoretical training and practical apprenticeship at the company Roesgen in Essen.  Completed his training with the highest marks in the district.

1962 - 1970: Work as a graduated apprentice (Geselle) at two firms in Essen: Holzmann and Krakau

1966 - 1968: Master Goldsmith Course - finished second in his class. Accepted by the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce (Handwerkskammer)

1970 - 1974: Director of the workshop at the company Krakau in Essen

1974 - 1978: Independent Master Goldsmith, self-employed directing the Goldschmiede Studio. Participated in exhibitions in Essen and Hamburg. Designed and produced limited edition jewelry for Ottmar Alt (renowned painter and sculptor) after his sketches and ideas in co-operation with the Art Gallerie Heimeshoff in Essen

1978 - 1981: Master Goldsmith and jewelry designer for Timanttis in Calgary

1981: Opened the Goldschmiede Studio Ltd. in Calgary. Participated in Exhibitions at Cartwright Gallery in Vancouver and Electrum Design Studio in Edmonton

1999: Received the Canadian Jewellery "Buyers Choice" award (second place)